Clayton James formed an appreciation for writing, acting and music at a very young age. Although, in terms of acting, he would have called it “clowning.” That, coupled with an appreciation for music, enabled Clayton to cultivate a thirst for all things creative. At about the time he was finishing up his first stint in college, Clayton went out on a limb and took on various roles in local community theater. It was then that he was asked to play a challenging role in a community theatre production. And, since no other cast member would take on the role, he decided to give it a shot. Suffice it to say, he nailed the part. So much so, that he was then asked to write some of the dialogue, and later collaborate in writing actual scripts. Play productions would follow, though limited to basic thematic productions. It was at this point in time that Clayton decided to gain formal education in English, the Sciences and Education. He soon became enamored with writing not only scripts, but children’s books, blogs, and poetry as well. Presently, Clayton enjoys writing blogs, short stories for youth, and reading whatever he can get his hands on. He is also, when time allows, starting a voice-over business to round out his creative endeavors.  Hopefully, this blog will provide life ministry that brings healing and hope to the soul.

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